Eneli takes Iceland – extra photos

Lugejate palvel tegin nö ekstra piltidega postituse Islandist, loodetavasti nautisite ja suutsin tekitada vähemalt ühes inimeses isu minna avastama seda imelist maad!

Hopefully you liked my extra photo-post about Iceland! I really hope you enjoyed all the Iceland posts and now at least one of you would like to explore this magical island also!

Eneli Islandil – läbi telefoni
Eneli Islandil – 1.osa
Eneli Islandil – 2.osa

Eneli takes Iceland – through phone
Eneli takes Iceland – part 1
Eneli takes Iceland – part 2

Kõik fotod on tehtud Canon EOS 60D´ga, mis on antud katsetamiseks Canon Eesti poolt!
All the photos are made with Canon EOS 60D, thanks Canon Estonia!

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  1. 10/04/2017 / 07:13

    Pffft, these photo’s make me mesmerize about my own trip to Iceland back in September! It was by far the most beautiful trip I ever had! Hope to go back someday .. Just love your pictures by the way!

    • Do-Dolce
      10/04/2017 / 07:15

      Thank youand yes, Iceland is just magical!

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